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Attorney Malpractice Insurance

Attorney Malpractice Insurance in Illinois

If you are a small firm or solo practitioners in Illinois looking for attorney malpractice insurance, Protexure Lawyers works tirelessly to ensure that our policies best fit your needs.

Your financial stability and your reputation could be jeopardized by any type of malpractice claim against you. Protexure Lawyers has customized all of our attorney malpractice insurance policies to best meet the unique needs of smaller firms in Illinois. Attorney malpractice insurance form Protexure Lawyers affords you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Attorney Malpractice Insurance for Small Firms

A malpractice claim filed against a small firm or solo practitioner can create an incredible financial burden with the real potential to ruin your practice’s reputation, in addition to severely impacting your finances. The experienced and knowledgeable staff at Protexure Lawyers will protect you from the negative effects of claims with our attorney malpractice insurance.

Call 630-799-2000 today to find out how to enroll in Protexure Lawyers’ attorney malpractice insurance program in Illinois.

We will make the necessary tools available to you so you can stop malpractice claims before they happen. Each of our attorney malpractice insurance policies comes with access to a free risk management hotline to help reduce the chances of a claim.

In addition, our online members’ portal will allow you to manage your attorney malpractice insurance policy from any computer, providing you and your business the flexibility needed as an attorney at a small firm.

Avoid Claims with Attorney Malpractice Insurance

Protexure Lawyers’ attorney malpractice insurance program has been constructed with the goal of helping you avoid any malpractice suits in Illinois. You may still be eligible for an attorney malpractice insurance policy even after you have been threatened by, or received any type of legal claim.

Whether you need subpoena assistance, personal injury coverage, regulatory inquiry extension, or even advertising liability coverage, rest easy knowing that your law firm insurance policy will cover you.

Call 630-799-2000 today to start the application process for your attorney malpractice insurance policy, and protect your small firm in Illinois from the dangers of malpractice claims. Or simply fill out the form below and we will respond shortly.

More Info on Attorney Professional Liability Insurance

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Protexure Lawyers /// Professional Liability Made Easy

“I found the Protexure representatives to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. They found similar coverage for me for a substantial amount less than I had been paying. I have been pleased with Protexure’s service and would recommend it highly.”

- David M. Lipschutz, Esquire

Receiving a quote from Protexure Lawyers is made super easy by the quick response time of their team. The renewal process is different from what I have ever seen, they offer a mostly filled out application which made the process even easier for me!

- Eric Schwab - Woodbridge, NJ

It was a pleasure working with you, - you gave me the most competitive price, quick turn around and good follow-up.

- Howard S. Kavenow

My account representative was very helpful in assisting me to complete my application. He made me feel like my questions and my business were a priority to him.

- Kim Davis

When faced with a substantial increase from our existing malpractice carrier, we received the name Protexure Lawyers from a referral. On contact, they were not only very prompt in processing our application, but also responded to several coverage questions we had. So far, the service has been excellent.

- Law Office of Shriver, O'Neill & Thompson

Mr. Dixon contacted me many months ago and I told him I renew my policy in September and that it would be helpful to contact me in July or August of this year. He did that; he was very patient with me and assisted me with the application process. He was extremely prompt in replying to my inquiries. I had been with the same company for many years so I was reluctant to leave them. He made the transition quite simple. I am fortunate that he was the salesman who contacted me.

- Robert Lewin

Thanks. You guys got my business because (a) your price was great, and (b) you were responsive and on top of things (a number of insurers surprisingly were not).

- Scott Maxwell

I first came in contact with Ryan on a cold call. Usually I am dismissive of these types of calls, but Ryan was brief and to the point - no hard sell or over promising. In the end, I received a less expensive policy than others I researched. I guess not all cold calls are a bad thing.

- Steve Hunter

Ryan offered to compare my current insurance with what he and his company could offer. I took him up on this, and gave him my pertinent information. I did my own research, and discovered that his quote was lower and the carrier had an A rating. I contacted my existing agent to see if she could match the quote. I had been her customer for a number of years and thought that was fair. She was unable to match Ryan's offer.

- Steve Hunter

I discussed some minor differences in the policies with my account representative, and throughout the process, he was easy to reach and called me back promptly. I value this a great deal. In the end, it was clear to me that I would receive a less expensive policy than I currently have, with the same coverage and excellent customer service.

- Steve Hunter

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